Dr. Sebastian Langer

Geophysicist, Software Developer, Transportation Engineer

About me

I have two main areas of interest. Firstly I am a geophysicist studying earthquake source physics. I use numerical modelling to understand dynamic rupture initiation, directivity and propagation.

Secondly I am a transportation engineer developing software for high temperature thermoscopy and transportation planning. I implement sensors, models, simulations and algorithms in software. I usually work for engineering companies who pose real-world problems and I find solutions and provide software implementations.

I am predominantely programming in C++, C#, Java and Python.

Image taken by Arash Mohajeri



Currently 5 publications available.

Computational Structural Geology

Ruptures jumping step-overs.

Materials science

Supershear transition in bi-materials.


Franke IOS GmbH

Thermographic monitoring and geometry evaluation of thermal processing units.

Orangequadrat GbR

Developing web-based software as an Orangequadrat partner.

Past work in software development

Firefox Extensions

Visualising water level data of German rivers and the combined dam water level of SEQwater.

Projects in Transportation Science

Software for traffic volume prediction in medium-sized towns.